Past Programs and Projects

“Фондові Брайля” - Fund Braille

ЗУАДК вручив $1,000 гуманітарної допомоги “Фондові Брайля”, Львівський територіальний фонд соціального захисту і реабілітації сліпих, у Львові, який був використаний для людей з вадами зору.   


UUARC gifted “Fund Braille”, Lviv territorial foundation of the social support and rehabilitation of the blind people, $1,000, $500 in November 2019  and $500 in December 2019. The following are their ‘Thank you’ letters and reports about the usage of these funds:

Building Ukraine Together

“Building Ukraine Together” (BUR) is a service project of Lviv Educational Foundation that develops responsible citizenship and trust among people through volunteering. It aims to unite Ukrainian youth around the principles of mutual aid and responsibility. The practical mission of BUR is to help Ukrainians in difficulty, affected by the current crises, rebuild their homes. Two cases that were supported by UUARC in 2018:


· Strengthened and covered the roof, insulated the walls, and replaced seven windows of the home of a wounded soldier (V.M.) who served in Luhansk and returned home to his two daughters, but cannot work and spends a lot of time in the hospital. 

· Installed an indoor bathroom for a volunteer soldier (V.R.) who served in the Donetsk oblast, and lives with his wife and two young sons.


UUARC plans to continue supporting this organization’s valuable program.

Стоматологічне обстеження дітей в інтернатах України 

Зa порадою Канадсько-Української Фундації „Стоматологічна Місія для Дітей в Інтернатах”,  ЗУАДК приступив до спонзорування стоматологічного обстеження дітей в інтернатах України. В червні цього року стоматологічні послуги отримали діти і доросла молодь з вадами розвитку віком 11-35 років (інтернат Тетерівка, Житомирської области). У 35 років життя такі особи переводяться у дорослий інтернат. У проєкті прийняло  участь 23 професійних людей: лікарі-cтоматологи, асистенти та координатор. Всього вони оглянули 83 особи. Зі 107 прийнятих пацієнтів: вставлено 140 пльомб, зроблено 39 видалень, проведено 18 профгігієн, переведено 18 консультацій та поліковано 8 каналів. Кошт такого проєкту в одному інтернаті виносить 1,000-2,000 дол.

Making a difference at Kremenets and Bachmut internats!

For the past 10 years, volunteer Roman Leskiw, visited the Kremenets Internat, in Kremenets, Ternopil oblast, and has befriended Director Volodymyr Myshko, whom he trusts and respects. During his many visits, Roman has helped the school with clothing, medical supplies and sports equipment and soccer, basket and volleyballs.


In 2015, director Myshko asked for help in securing funds to help him renovate the school gymnasium. With help from family, friends and UUARC, Roman was able to raise over $6,000. The money was turned over to UUARC and transferred to the school account. During the summer of 2016, he was able to renovate the entire gymnasium (excluding the floor). During the renovation process, we received photographs of progress. In September of 2016, Roman visited the school and saw the newly renovated gymnasium. Per UUARC request, Volodomyr Myshko turned over copies of all the receipts pertaining to the renovation of the gymnasium.


Early in 2017 Volodomyr Myshko asked Roman if it would be possible to secure funds, in order for him to complete a baseball field that his school started working on the previous year. Estimated cost to complete this project is around $5,000. 

Also, in the summer of 2016, Roman and his wife Stacy, hosted a sibling set from Donetsk. When these children returned home, lots of clothing was left behind and shipped to Pan Volodymyr Mysko at Kremenets. Roman was there during a baseball tournament. While Mysko said that their kids are poor and could use the clothing, he said that the children from Slovyansk (the team that was playing then at the time) had a greater need for the clothing He said ‘tam je bida’. The coaches from Slovyansk thanked him and asked for more help. Additional clothing was sent to Slovyansk.


In the meantime, Roman received a request from Bahmyt Internat if I could help with baseball equipment. Inventory was shipped, and the coach has sent photos of the equipment and children that will be utilizing this gear. They have asked for more help. This school took part in a Special Olympics event in L’viv Oblast (this leads us to believe that they have special needs kids). 


If you would like to help Roman with these school projects, kindly donate through UUARC, note ‘Kremenets’ or ‘Bachmut’. All funds will be transferred to the schools.  

Rehabilitation of ATO Soldiers 

Since the start of the war in Eastern Ukraine in 2014, 10,000 Ukrainians have been killed, 8,000 soldiers wounded, and millions have been displaced. Stressful combat causes many soldiers to suffer from post- traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) leaving them unable to return to their previous lives. Realizing that veterans have no opportunity to find decent jobs, "C14" ("SICH") was formed to help soldiers returning from antiterrorist operations (ATO) who need psychological, physical or occupational rehabilitation.


After successfully completing their rehabilitation, the veterans are offered a three-month course in information technology. The program promises participants job placement upon completion. The first course was funded by UUARC. We hope that this rehabilitation program will be successful and are look- ing forward to our continuing cooperation with “C14”. 

Bідзначення Дня пам'яті жертв Голодомору/Children Remember Holodomor Victims

Children from Donetsk Oblast prepared for the Holodomor Victims Day with the help of Olha Mak's "Stones under the Scythe" books. The Women's Association for the Defense of Four Freedoms for Ukraine published and paid for these books, requesting that UUARC distributed them in Ukraine. Click here to learn more about this book.

Shoe Box Project Benefits Orphans in Ukraine


When Terri Moran's two adopted children from Ukraine entered Carmel Catholic High School and were required to volunteer 40 hours per year as a service project, Terri joined her children in a very worthy cause – helping other orphans in Ukraine. Together, with their friend, Lisa Saviano, they conducted a 'Shoe Box Project' benefitting the Ternopil Regional Foundation "Orphans Future" in Ternopil, Ukraine headed by Andriy Nazarenko, himself an orphan. Terri also turned to her sisters at the Triple Delta Sorority, who have agreed to run the Shoe Box Project as their   service project. Friends, neighbors, and family have all joined in! A shoe box is filled with new age-appropriate items such as clothing, school supplies, toys, sweets, items of hygiene, or whatever can make a child or young adult   happy and feel like someone cares. The boxes are then sent to “Orphans Future” for distribution.

This is only one example of how an individual challenged herself and raised funds for UUARC. Please keep UUARC in mind for fundraising opportunities in your community.

UUARC has been a long time sponsor of Ternopil Regional Foundation "Orphans Future" in Ternopil, Ukraine.

Patient Gown Project

The Abington-Jefferson Health System of Abington Memorial Hospital in Abington, PA generously donated patient gowns to UUARC for hospitals in Ukraine. Due to the efforts of very dedicated volunteers, 118 boxes of 6,977 neatly packed patient gowns were sent in a container to Ukraine in September 2017. The rest will be sent to hospitals in Ukraine with the upcoming third shipment of the year.

UUARC has sent $10,000.00 in Humanitarian Aid to Texas, to help Ukrainian Americans in dire need because of the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey. Please join us and donate funds to assist the residents in their desperate needs as a result of this natural disaster.


Please donate to the Protection of the Mother of God Ukrainian Catholic Church or the Ukrainian American Cultural Club of Houston, on the websites below:

Or you may send your checks to UUARC, marked ‘Harvey’, and we will forward the funds to them.

Громада Йонкерсу згуртувалася для допомоги українським воякам і біженцям

Весна дає нагоду почистити, упорядкувати беладдя та зорганізуватися. Коли я почала цю роботу, побачила що маю додаткове інвалідне крісло, ходунки („вокер”) та багато інших речей які вже не потребувала. Відразу це нагадало мені зображення поранених українських вояків, котрим війна змінила життя навіки. Я подумала про всіх тих родин, котрі втратили все через російську інвазію східньої України.

Я сконтактувалася із ЗУАДК – рганізацієпю яка реґулярно висилає гуманітарну допомогу Україні – і запитала чи вони приймуть ці речі як даток. Відповідь була ентузіястична „так” — так довго як було б досить речей щоб варто було вислати „вен” до Йонкерсу.

Прохання за датками було подано в бюлетені української католицької церкви св. Михаїла, у Федеральній Кредитовій Кооперативі СУМА, а також на Фейсбук сторінці Спілки Української Молоді та в елекртонній пошті індивідуальним особам. Громада Йонкерсу та околиці відгукнулася величезною підтримкою. Великою насолодою було почути від багатьох людей, котрі зложили даток знаючи що вони допомагають у корисному ділі. Між багатьми подарованими зібраними речами були: шпитальне ліжко, 10 інвалідних крісел і

перекладних стільців, 12 ходунків, стільці на душ, портативні туалети, палиці, милиці, поруччя для ліжка, медичні, шкільні й канцелярійні приладдя, а також багато пачок і торбів одежі, постелі, коців, і т. п.

Три чоловіки від ЗУАДК-у заладували вантажне авто по вінець датками, які будуть вислані до багатьох потребуючих місцевостей України. Вони були дуже вдячі й зазначили, що існує дійсна потреба на цього роду гуманітарну допомогу.

Ця подія була описана у статті Ерні Ґарсія на інтернетній сторінці газети „Джорнал Нюз” 27 квітня цього року; він перевів інтерв’ю з Оксаною Кулинич, організаторкою цієї акції, і Мотрею Бойко-Вотерс від ЗУАДК-у.


Статтю і відео можна побачити на веб-сторінці:


Щира подяка за їхні щедрі датки родинам: Бундзяк, Коген, Деметроповлос, Гулінський, Кащак, Кіцюк, Коваль, Кулинич, Прибила, Руденський-Сілвер, Смит, Сорока-Волф, Сирко-Еспосіто, Шкафаровський Петро, і Шкафаровський Павло. Оксана Кіцюк-Кулинич є довголітньою активісткою української громади.

За дальшими інформаціями, можна телефонувати до неї на ч. 914-965- 6467 або писати на електронну адресу

Yonkers community rallies with donations for wounded Ukrainian soldiers and refugees

Springtime is a chance to clean, declutter and organize. After starting this task, I realized that I had an extra wheelchair, walker as well as many other items I no longer needed. It immediately brought to mind the images of the wounded Ukrainian soldiers whose lives were forever changed by the war. I thought of the many families who had lost everything with the Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine.

I contacted UUARC in Philadelphia, an organization that regularly ships humanitarian aid to Ukraine, and asked if they would accept these items as donations. They replied with an enthusiastic “Yes”, as long as there were enough things to make it worth their while to send a van to Yonkers, New York.

A request for donations was put into St. Michael’s Ukrainian Catholic Church bulletin, the SUMA Federal Credit Union as well as the Ukrainian American Youth Organization facebook page and emails sent to individuals. The Yonkers community and surrounding areas responded with overwhelming support. It was very gratifying to hear from the many individuals who donated and felt that they were giving to this worthy cause. Among the many items that were collected were a hospital bed, ten wheelchairs and transfer chairs, twelve walkers, shower chairs, portable toilets, canes, crutches, bed rails, medical, school and office supplies as well as many boxes and bags of clothing, linens, blankets etc.

A truck, loaded by three men from UUARC, was filled to capacity with the donations which will be shipped to the many needy areas in Ukraine. They were so grateful and indicated that there is a real need for this type of humanitarian assistance.

The event was reported in the online edition of the Journal News on April 27, 2017 by Ernie Garcia who interviewed Oksana Kulynych, the organizer of the donation drive and Motrja Bojko-Watters from UUARC.


Please go here to view the full story and view the video.


Thank you to the following families for their generous donations: Bundziak, Cohen, Demetropoulos, Hulinsky, Kaszczak, Kiciuk, Kowal, Kulynych, Mikula, Prybyla, Rudensky-Silver, Smith, Soroka-Wolf, Syrko-Esposito, Szkafarowsky Peter, Szkafarowsky Pawlo.

Oksana Kiciuk- Kulynych is a longtime activist in the Ukrainian community. For more information contact her at (914) 965-6467 or

FOOD DRIVE FOR UKRAINE - In January 2015, 1.5 – 2 tons of non-perishable food items were collected and shipped to Kyiv through UUARC, and distributed to those living in Eastern Ukraine.


The Collection sites in the Philadelphia area included the Ukrainian Educational & Cultural Center and The Ukrainian League of Philadelphia.

За межами можливого: aпарат транскраніальної мікрополяризаціі -

12 січня Філією ЗУАДК-у в Украіні було передано апарат транскраніальної мікрополяризаціі для Геріатричного Нейрореабілітаційного Центру ДУ при Інституті герантологіі ім. Д.Ф. Чеботарьова Національної Академії Медичних Наук Украіни.  Цей апарат було закуплено  в США ЗУАДК-ом. Кошти були зібрані українською громадою Америки, а саме: танцювальний ансамбль ‘Громовиця’ з парафіянами УКЦ св. Володимира та Ольги в Чікаґо, ($4,000), Зоріана Молтан та парафіяни УКЦ Святого Миколая у Вотервліет, Ню Йорк,($2,000). До сьогодні в Украіні таких апаратів було два. Згідно останніх даних транскраніальна мікрополяризація має високу ефективність в реабілітації пацієнтів, які перенесли черепно-мозгову травму та інсульт. Такі апарати є надзвичайно необхідні для лікування воїнів з АТО.

HELP FOR A YOUNG UKAINIAN HERO - While opening a donated package marked “medical” at the Kyiv Maidan, 20-year-old Roman Dzivinskyi lost his left arm at the elbow and the fingers on his right hand when the package exploded. Additionally, the shrapnel from the explosion caused injuries to his face, arms, chest, eyes and lungs. It was only by the Grace of God that he survived.


Roman was treated in Lviv and Poland and finally arrived in Philadelphia for more medical treatment with a hope of acquiring a bio-mechanical prosthetic hand and arm.


Unfortunately, before Roman’s treatment was completed, his visa expired and he had to return to Ukraine. Through many appeals for help, Touch Bionics, a manufacturer of prostheses in the United Kingdom agreed to help Roman.  


On December 29, 2015, Roman recieved his bio-mechanical hand! Thanks to all of our donors, this young man is resuming a more normal life.


The actual attachment took place in Lviv in a specialized clinic. The total cost of this undertaking, including the prosthesis, all assessments, therapy, measurements, and fittings was $60,000.


Roman posted the following on his Facebook page:


"Greetings to everyone, friends! I want to thank everyone for the present I received with the New Year. This is the best that could be.  I received a new prosthesis which I have already used to write, eat, do different work at home and even drive an automobile! I am very deeply grateful to all who contributed to my treatment and prosthetic!!!

Thank you for the prosthetic, which was paid for by the Ukrainian-American community of the United States through the efforts of the "United Ukrainian American Relief Committee" (UUARC or ZUADK) and thank you to the official representative of Тouch Bionics Ukraine, LLC "Stalmed." 


"Всім вітання друзі! Я дуже хочу всім подякувати за подарок на Новий Рік. Це саме найкраще що могло бути,мені поставили новий протез з яким я вже пробував писати,їсти,робити різні роботи в дома і навіть їздити на машині. Я дуже сильно вдячний всім хто долучився до мого лікування і протезування!!!
Дякую за протезування, що оплатили Українсько-Американська громада США за старанням «Злученого Українського Американського Допомогового Комітету» (ЗУАДК) та офіційного представника Touch Bionics в Україні ТОВ Стальмед.

Roman Dzivinskyi expresses his gratitude through thank you letters for the tremendous effort UUARC contributed to his treatment through its many gracious contributors.

WOUNDED SOLDIERS RECEIVE AID - Bishop Basil Tuchapets, OSBM presented financial help to wounded soldiers at the ATO military hospital in Kharkiv that was collected by Christ the King Ukrainian Catholic Church located just outside of Boston, MA.

FARM AID PROGRAM - UUARC feels it is imperative to revitalize the agrarian benefits of Ukraine, formerly known as the "breadbasket of Europe", using the existing natural resources and the growing entrepreneurial spirit. Based on this premise, we have researched the areas in Western Ukraine where there is very little in the way of industry, and the land lies unused.  We have carefully selected three villages where there is sufficient land and work force available, where we have established trial farm co-operatives.  This program ultimately addresses two issues vital to the Ukrainian population: the issue of feeding the people and the issue of fiscal independence.


SHOES FOR UKRAINE- Thanks to the generosity of Mrs. Halyna Utrysko, UUARC was provided with a golden opportunity to obtain 8,000 pairs of adult, teen, children’s, and infant's shoes for shipment to Ukraine. The shoes were stored in a warehouse in the Wisonoming section of Philadelphia. In three days, several dedicated volunteers took the time to unpack, sort, count, itemize and repack 8,000 pairs of shoes into sealed, marked cartons for shipment to Ukraine. The volunteers began their arduous task on Saturday March 1, 2008, and in a relatively short time the UUARC crew did the impossible. By Wednesday evening March 5, 2008 deadline, 190 cartons of shoes were packed, individually labeled, counted and otherwise signed, sealed, transported and stored at UUARC headquarters on Cottman. The UUARC volunteers who did the impossible were: Ihor Bilynsky, Darka Fedak, Roman Iwaskiw, Halyna Karpchuk, Oleh Kondrat, Stefa Kozak, Marijka Kozak, Melania Kozak, Dmytro Luciw, Yury Nakonechnyj, Larissa Nysch, Luba Siletsky, Sofiya Sydoryak, Alanna Watters, Alexa Watters, Andrea Watters, David Watters, Motrja Watters, Andrew Zalucky.


VOCATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAM - For disadvantaged children was established in 1993 in 11 youth homes in Western Ukraine with USAID fundign and jointly administered by World Learning, Inc. and UUARC.  It is now a self-sustaining program.


EYEGLASS PROGRAM - Started in 1997 in 13 eastern regions of Ukraine.  Over 10,000 orphans were examined and received new perscription eye glasses they otherwise could not afford.


CHERNOBYL PROJECT - In existence since 1990.  This project is a resettlement effort for individuals living in the Chernobyl area.



  • over 50 universities in Ukraine have been provided with complete sets of Encyclopedia Britannica
  • 50 small printing presses were funded
  • over 10,000 books, 1,000 Webster's Dictionaries, and 20 computers were donated to schools and libraries


In November 1998, one of the worst floods of the century devastated the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine and Romania. UUARC, as a charitable organization, helped the affected families and individuals who lost everything in this natural disaster. UUARC collected, through the generosity of the Ukrainian-American community, over 300 parcels and $70,000.00 in financial aid. The parcels were sent via container - $20,000 were sent to the Ukrainian community in Romania, $20,000 of the relief funding was transferred to Transcarpathia by the Director of UUARC’s Lviv office, Dr. A. Dyda, and the balance ($30,000) was delivered to Uzhorod by the Executive Director of UUARC, Mr. Stefan Hawrysz. 


In August 2007, Nova Odessa a city in Eastern Ukraine, was totally devastated  by heavy rains and floods. Humanitarian Aid parcels were prepared and shipped by UUARC.  This project also lead to the opening of a soup kitchen.


In July 2008, the western oblasts in Ukraine (Ivano-Frankivsk, Lvivska, Chernivetska, and Vynnytska) were hit by calamitous floods destroying many homes and villages. Immediately the UUARC began a campaign to collect funds for the devastated victims. Overall, the UUARC collected $116,500, which the UUARC office in Lviv distributed to individual flood victims. Contributions of $10,000 were made by: Bayonne Ukrainian Home Foundation, Self-reliance New York FCU, and SUMA Federal Credit Union.

H1N1 FLU EPIDEMIC - In November 2009 Emergency Aid in the form of 1,000,000 masks and 12,488 bottles of hand sanitizer were flown to Ukraine for distribution in the Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Ternopil oblasts. Total cost of aid: $75,000.00.


KRASNODON MINE ACCIDENT - Unfortunately, accidents in the coalmines of eastern Ukraine are not a rare occurrence.  Each incident is both a national and a personal tragedy, leaving behind devastated widows, bereft parents, and hundreds of orphaned children. The 1999 explosion in Krasnodon, near Luhansk, was one of the worst in mining history, with 80 dead and seven injured.


UUARC responded immediately, by sending $16,700 ($200 per family of the deceased, and $100 per family of injured miners), before even appealing to the community for donations. The director of the UUARC’s Kyiv office, Vira Prynko, personally delivered this aid to the families of the victims. Not even the government of Ukraine, which promised aid to the families, had given them anything by the time Ms. Prynko visited them.


Thanks from Krasnodon poured into our offices, and again, the Ukrainian American community responded from the heart.


COAL MINING ACCIDENTS - Unfortunately, accidents in the coal mines of Eastern Ukraine are not a rare occurrence, but each incident is both a national and a personal tragedy, leaving behind devastated widows, bereft parents, and, most tragically, hundreds of orphaned children.


In November 2000, the mine explosion in Krasnodon, near Luhansk, was one of the worst in mining history, with 80 dead and seven injured. UUARC responded immediately, by sending $16,700 to be distributed ($200 per family of the deceased, and $100 per injured one), before even appealing to the community for donations. The money and the first aid was personally delivered to the families of the victims, by the Director of UUARC’s Kyiv office, Ms. Vira Prinko.   Even the government of Ukraine, which promised aid to the families, had not given them anything by the time Ms. Prinko visited them. Those assisted in Krasnodon have expressed their sincere gratitude.