Limited Excess Property Program Grant

In August 2014 UUARC's grant proposal for Limited Excess Property Program (LEPP) was accepted by USAID.  This will give UUARC an opportunity to again select excess property for US Army Bases and Hospitals to help Logus, Kyiv, and the Ukrainain Red Cross Sumy chapter. This program is effective for two years.


The last time that UUARC was accepted into the program, the beneficiaries were Caritas Drohobych’s Nazaret Rehabilitation Center and four rajonni hospitals in Ukraine. The center houses and treats the handicapped, recovering alcoholics, drug addicts, as well as, HIV positive individuals. The center is located in the former army base that was plundered and left in ruins before Nazaret moved in. Today, the facility has been partially renovated with most of the work performed by the center’s resident patients. Recently, a residence center for the homeless has been added. 


As a result of this program, UUARC was able to select furniture for Nazaret Rehabilitation Center which included beds, mattresses, lockers, chairs and tables, a full stainless steele commercial kitchen, and gym equipment.  UUARC also sent two complete morgue labs, morgue refrigeraters, operating lights, and other medical instruments to the following four hospitals: Tyvrvska Central Raion Hospital, Pidvlochyska Raion Hospital, Tlymatska Central Raion Hospital, and Mykoljvsky Community Hospital.  The items were valued at $800,000.


This program required teams of volunteers to travel to Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D.C. to select and package the items. This also required the hiring of professionals to disassemble major items such as commercial grade stainless steel kitchens, two morgues, several operating surgical lamps, gym equipment, etc. 


In the future, facilities that are located geographically further from UUARC may be closing down and we will be asking the Ukrainian-American population for help.  If you are interested in volunteering, please email us at

Limited Excess Property Program Ґрант

Закінчився перший етап Limited Excess Property Program (LEPP) ґрант від USAID, з рамени якого вислано шість 40-футових контейнерів повних медичного обладнання та меблів. Ґрант призначениий на  Реабілітаційний Центр Карітас у Дрогобичі ("Назарет" і "Наша Хата"), та чотири  лікарні – Тиврівська Центральна Районна Лікарня, Підволочиська Центральна Районна Лікарня, Тлумацька Центральна Районна Лікарня і Миколаївська Комунальна Районна Лікарня. Повна вартість вантажу 804 тисяч долярів. Дякуємо всім нашим добровольцям котрі допомогли в тому важливому проєкті.