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Every penny counts in all of our lives, but the $20.00 that we spend on luxuries will give these poor people food and heat for a month! What a difference you could make to them!


The Program of Senior "Adoption" is the financial assistance to the weak, ill, and poverty-stricken senior citizens who are often a forgotten and neglected segment of the Ukrainian population.


UUARC receives lists of elderly people needing assistance to supplement their inadequate pensions, which are so meager, that most live well below the poverty line, from churches, clinics and other social service organizations.  Their situations are confirmed by our directors in Ukraine, and then they are assigned a sponsor in the United States.


Among them are retired scientists, artists and teachers, former dissidents who have returned from the gulags of Siberia to empty homes and decimated families, as well as invalids and individuals that the government has deemed ineligible for pensions.


While the UUARC has been supporting a number of such individuals for years, we would like to offer sponsorships of the Ukrainian seniors to the public. For just $20.00 a month ($240.00 per year or $0.66 per day), you can double the monthly income of these struggling people and make a difference in their lives. 


We can provide the sponsors with the name and address of the person, or couple, so that they can maintain a relationship with them.  Sponsors can be individuals, families, companies, social groups, classrooms, and neighborhoods; payments can be made to the UUARC quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

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