Aid to Orphans & Orphanages

Campaign for Orphans' Future

Andrij Nazarenko, founder and president of Ternopil Regional Charity Foundations for Orphans, "Orphans' Future," was once an orphan at the Koropets Orphanage in Ternopil.  In 2006, Nazarenko and three other orphans, Volodomyr Yavorskyy, Olga Kiz, and Oleksander Yakovlev, decided to unite their efforts and resources to help orphans in the Ternopil region.


The following are the goals of the foundation:

1.  Assist orphans in obtaining 'registered' status with the Ukrainian government

2.  Help orphans become responsible, confident, self sufficient and active members of society

3.  Encourage orphans to give back to others in need.


UUARC is asking you to help us fund training and informative seminars for these young people leaving orphanages for the real world.  The cost for one seminar is $2,500.