Aid to Orphans & Orphanages

EduCare Orphans Project


Over the past two years, our project helped hundreds of orphans and children whose parents lost their parental rights. All these children are younger than seven years of age and live in the specialized regional orphanages in Central and Western Ukraine.

The majority of children have complicated physical and mental disabilities (ie: Cerebral Palsy, AIDs, Tuberculosis, heart, kidney problems, blindness, Down Syndrome, etc.) This leaves very little or no room for their dream of having a normal family.

We work only with highly motivated staff that truly cares about children and are willing to do whatever it takes to enrich the lives of the children.



Tulchinsky Regional specialized orphanage (62 children, under age 6)

Volyn Regional specialized orphanage (30 children, under age 4)

Khmelnitsky Regional specialized orphanage (100 children, from birth age 7)



Items to assist with development of motor skills, such as: drive medical adjustable small foot-rest; deep pressure sensory vests (size xxxs - s); deep pressure blankets; learning grotto grips; handi-writer writing aid; easy-grip Scissors; finger brushes and finger crayons; pegs and pegboard; wooden developmental toys like Melissa and Doug; Universal Grasshopper; Abilitations small Creepster Crawlers; Palm Weights, Child Size Right Hand; Abilitations AbiliGrip Adapted Foam Grips; Pediatric Universal Weighted Holder; Tumble Forms Tadpole; Stationary Jumpers; Station-ary Walkers Tangle Therapy; posterior walker; Adjustable Feeder Seat Tray

Items to assist with development of speech and swallowing, such as: Z-Vibe tools; Z-Vibe Tips; Cat-N-Mouse Tips for Z-Vibe; Z-Vibe Travel Kit; Chewy Tubes; Jaw rehabilitation tools; Jigglers - fun facial and oral massager.

Miscellaneous: blankets, bedding, diapers, baby food, vitamins, medications

Professional Volunteers: Medical professionals who could travel to Ukraine to train medical staff to care for the children with disabilities. 



Make an online donation or checks can be made payable to UUARC – EduCare;  please mail to UUARC Headquarters 



Dr. Tetyana Berezovski (


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During the period 2014 EduCare collected, purchased, and shipped ~1500 lbs of humanitarian help for Ukrainian orphans aged from birth to seven years old.  Our help included thousands articles of children’s clothes, several hundred pairs of shoes, strollers, walkers, 27 sets of bedding, and baby hygiene products: diapers, creams, and shampoos. On Saint Nicholas day, children of our partner orphanage, Berizka, received sweets and developmental toys.


In January 2015, children received Halloween costumes and warm clothes: hats, mittens, gloves and socks. We also purchased ~100 cans of Gerber meat baby food, developmental toys and temporal artery thermometers.


By combining our efforts with Nova Ukraine, we were able to purchase and send 34 packs of Huggies baby and infant diapers with a total price of 9424.66 Ukraine Hryvnia (UAH) to orphans in Ukraine.

Summary of Aid Sent to Tulchyn Baby Orphanage in August 2016

These are pictures of Orphans from Tulchyn Baby Orphanage "Budynok Maluka" in Vinnytsia region.  EduCare has been sponsoring this orphanage for the past two years. Project Director Tetyana Berezovski, PhD and Project Manager Anna Maria Berezovski delivered Humanitarian Aid to them in August 2016. Project Coordinator in Ukraine is Inna Sova. This orphanage houses 70 children from birth to age 6.  Many of these children have physical and mental disabilities.


The Humanitarian Aid delivered in August 2016 consisted of a water boiler, a weight scale, medications, new sandals, approx. 100 new bed sheet sets, food, baby food, formula, fruits, diapers, toilet paper, paper towels, holders for paper towels, cleaning supplies, tooth paste, tooth brushes, and soap.

Easter 2017 at the Khmelnitsky Regional Specialized Orphanage

EduCare volunteers made a real celebration in Khmelnytsky orphanage. It was the first time that the children decorated paskas and had an Easter egg hunt. We also delivered developmental toys, baby cradles, fruits, and their favorite, chupa chup lollipops. Thank you very much for your support. Times like these make us realize how much we can change these childrens lives. Happy Easter to all of you. Христос Воскрес!