Our Programs

Assistance Committee

The UUARC’s Assistance Committee has received and processed over 3,000 requests for assistance since January 2002. Many requests come for specific medical supplies or equipment, such as wheelchairs, prostheses, crutches, and glasses. Other requests are for monetary donations that contribute to life-saving medical procedures, rehabilitation, and medicine. The requests are reviewed and granted when possible, resulting in hundreds of parcels of clothing, shoes, and other necessities, which are packed by our volunteers, and sent to our offices in Ukraine for distribution to those in need.

The monthly budget for the Assistance Committee has been $5,000 per month. However, due to a poor economic state and the rise of illnesses in Ukraine, the Assistance Committee finds itself going over budget. 

For example: in 2015, UUARC’s Assistance Committee received 191 letters requesting aid and granted ~ $55,250.  In 2016, 462 requests for aid was received and $97,057 in aid was provided. In 2017, through        November, UUARC received 513 requests and has provided financial aid in the amount of $70,800.

These requests need very serious attention and would not be possible without you, our generous donors.