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Brazilian Land Fund

In 1984, the Executive Board of UUARC decided to organize a Land Fund for Brazil for the purchase of land by peasants with no or little land in the Prudentopolis region of Parana, Brazil.


From its initial sum of $58,000.00, the UUARC’s Brazilian Land Fund, over a 19-year period, reached a total of $1,054,528.00.  This project clearly demonstrates that the Ukrainian community, seeing its poor, needy brethren, was able to extend to them its generous hands.


This project enabled the purchase of land parcels for 593 Ukrainian peasant families. Land parcels consisted of 2,036 acres (4,927 hectares).  


The Executive Board of the UUARC has helped to ensure that this project continues to run independently and is self-sustaining for many years to come.