Our Programs

Camps for Orphans & Children in Need

UUARC organizes summer camps for orphans and disadvantaged children in Ukraine. Every year the Executive Board of UUARC designates approximately $8,000 to $19,000. These camps are conducted in both Eastern and Western Ukraine. UUARC also donates to CYM and Plast youth camps in Ukraine.


Approximately thirty to ninety orphans and needy children, 9-15 years old, attend an 18-day camp, organized by the director of our Kyiv office.  Some of these children have horrendous backgrounds. There are stories of children being found abandoned and living in doghouses, before being adopted by families in the Luhansk region. Others have compromised immune systems and pneumonia. The beneficial effects of the sea air will hopefully help them to stay healthy throughout the year.


The camps not only provide the children with rest and relaxation, which include swimming and other sports, but the counselors conduct Taras Shevchenko poetry recitation contests and Ukrainian history competitions. The children and their counselors send heartfelt thank you letters to UUARC for the wonderful experience.


This, as all of our programs, can only be offered to these children thanks to the generosity of the Ukrainian-American community's contributions to the UUARC General Fund.

Summer Camps for Refugee Children (2015)

During the summer of 2015, UUARC sponsored three summer camps lasting two weeks each for refugee children who fled the war zone, and children whose parents died, were wounded, or are still fighting in ATO. The camps hosted 200 children. The children were from the Luhansk obl., Donetsk obl., Mariupol, and other parts of Ukraine. The camps were held in the village of Dobryniv in the Rohatyn district of Ivano-Frankivsk oblast. The children were given the opportunity to relax and enjoy normal summer camp activities, including sports, arts, field trips, and psychological counseling. The cost of this program, which included transporting children to the camps was over $26,000.


Students were fascinated by the unique beauty of the Carpathians.  A favorite poem learned by these children:

"Dear land! 
O Gentle Radiance cute! 
My Ukraine!" 

Summer Camps for orphans, children and many poor families (2013)

Літні табори для дітей сиріт, для дітей багатодітних і бідних родин