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Containers of Aid to Ukraine

For over 70 years, the aid by packages and containers is one of the largest and constant actions by UUARC.


A number of urgent needs in Ukraine are addressed by UUARC every year through the Container Program.  This includes the inability of Ukraine's current social service system to adequately provide Ukrainian people affordable access to basic needs such as food, medicine, shoes, and clothing.  UUARC supplements this need with 40 ft containers which transport and distribute medical and educational supplies and clothing.


With the independence of Ukraine in 1991, the shipment of containers increased since post WWII, because of a grant recieved from USAID. As of July 2004, UUARC had sent 55, 20, and 40 ft. containers with medical and educational supplies, books, medicine, clothing, food, shoes, linens, etc.  To date, over 70 containers have been sent. Volunteers of UUARC in Philadelphia pack and prepare the containers, and the director, representatives, and volunteers in Ukraine help to distribute the packages.  The USAID grant covers the cost of the container, but due to strict guidelines provided by USAID, UUARC covers the cost for many additional items left unsubsidized by the grant.


  • Medical: All medical supplies are primarily targeted for rajonni hospitals and village clinics providing treatment for children of the Chornobyl Nuclear Reactor Disaster as well as orphanages, youth homes for children with disabilities, and old age homes and individuals with disabilities.
  • Educational Material: Material is in the form of textbooks, magazines, writing paper, pencils, pens, dictionaries, teachers' manuals, computers, and audio and visual teaching aids to offset the former Soviet educational system and introduce Western democratic ideals.
  • Clothing: UUARC targets clothing shipments to families and individuals that can no longer provide for themselves. With the current economic climate, large populations living in the NIS are unable to acquire items basic to every day needs. Unfortunately, the "youngest and oldest" members display the greatest need.