Containers of Aid to Ukraine

2017 Container Report

The first container of 2017 was loaded on March 24 and shipped to Kyiv. This container included new physical therapy equipment costing over $100,000 and was procured from the estate of Hryhoriy (Harry) Malynowsky. It will be delivered in his memory to facilities in Kharkiv, Dnipro and Poltava to provide aid necessary for the recovery of many Ukrainian soldiers and civilians that have received serious injuries.
The container also included medical aid equipment and strollers for the Tulchyn Regional and Khmelnitsky Regional specialized orphanages for very young children with special needs courtesy of UUARC’s EduCare program.
In addition, medical supplies, wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, portable toilets, school supplies, and personal hygiene items were sent to children in Avdiivka.

Діти з Слов'янської загальноосвітньої школи-інтернат ЗОШ-інтернат І-ІІІ ступенів № 1 Слов’янської міської ради Донецької області, одержали допомогу завдяки жертводавцю Романові Леському та ЗУАДК-ові, котрий доїхав до них з першого контейнера 2017-го року.


Children of Slovyansk General Boarding School Internat I-III, №1 of the Slavic City Council of Donetsk oblast recieve humanitarian aid shipment from UUARC's first 2017 container, thanks to the efforts of volunteer Roman Leskiw.

Bручення в Мар'їнці та Авдіївці одягу, милиць, ходунків та електричного інвалідного візка. Електричний інвалідний візок вручений Гриненку Сергію - бійцю 72-ої бригади, 23 роки. Із всього тіла в нього рухається тільки одна рука. Одяг та інші речі були вручені в селі Єкатеринівка (27 чоловік - безпомічних старих людей - знаходяться там в госпісі, ними опікується священник о.Роман) та в селі Новомихайлівка (тaкoж госпіс, ними опікується о.Ігор).
The second container of 2017 was loaded on September 23 and shipped to Lviv. The container included two new continuous passive motion ankle physical therapy units and 695 patient hospital gowns, which were delivered to the National Guard rehabilitation facility center in Novi Sanzhary and to the Kharkiv Military Hospital; five new electric Linet and Joerns hospital beds to the Khodoriv Hospital for a new intensive care unit; stainless steel medical and surgical instruments, approx. 750 patient hospital gowns, three defibrillators, two heart monitors, and medical supplies to the Kyiv Military Hospital; 24 boxes of clothing and aid to Save-a-Life International; specialized medical equipment to the specialized orphanage in the village of Zaluchchia-Dolishnye in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast; medical equipment and clothing to Charity without Borders; books to the Patriarchal Curia of the UGCC and the National Academic Vasyl Stefanyk Library; clothing and items of personal hygiene to Bachmut School #1; diapers for young children, adult disposable briefs, walkers, canes, linens, and toilet seats to Oberih Ivano-Frankivsk, linens, adult briefs, canes, walkers, wheelchairs, 120 patient gowns, electric beds with mattresses, and shower seats to the Belzkyj Raion Hospital.

UUARC thanks all donors and volunteers for their hard work to make these       container shipments a success. They provide hope and moral support to the     people of Ukraine who are living under very difficult circumstances. Thank you to Petro Kovalyshyn of the Ukrainian Afghanistan War Veterans in Lviv, Ukraine for a quick and diligent customs clearance and distribution.