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Shriner Hospital for Children in Boston - UUARC helps children from Ukraine, who are the victims of severe burns, have a chance to live a normal life.  With the monetary assistance of UUARC, the children and their families' do not have to worry about travel and lodge costs as they endure free high level burn treatments by Shriner's Hospital for Children in Boston, MA. 


One such child is Dmytro Liskovych 11-years-old from the v. of Novyky, Chernihivska obl. received 3rd and 4th degree burns over most of his body while helping his grandparents with chores.  Thanks to UUARC, Dr. Gennadij Fuzaylov and other physicians at Shriner's Hospital for Children in Boston, Dmytro as well as other children have received excellent care for their burns.