Our Programs

Wheelchairs for Ukraine

UUARC has been sending wheelchairs to Ukraine, in partnership with the Wheelchair Foundation since 2004.  We are in the process of contracting directly with a wheelchair manufacturer and distributor, which will enable us to obtain better pricing per chair, per container and as a result, serve more handicapped persons.


Requests have been made for not only the standard wheelchair, but also specialized chairs for children and adults with cerebral palsy and other handicaps.


We are extremely grateful to all our donors. However, thank you goes to the Alla Horska chapter of WADFFU in Chicago, Ill. who in 2008, conducted a benefit drive to help support the UUARC “Wheelchairs for Ukraine” program. Their fund drive netted $25,500.00, which is designated for the procurement of new wheelchairs for handicapped citizens of Ukraine. We are also very grateful our own fund-raising committee who raised $25,000 for several programs including the 'Wheelchairs for Ukraine' program.


We would also like to thank and acknowledge the Podpirka family for their generous donation of $10,000, and our anonymous donor for a donation of $43,000. Currently an order for a container of specialized wheelchairs is in process.


If you are interested in  partnering with us or donating for this specific cause, kindly contact the office.  The helping hand enables children, students, veterans, seniors, and other disabled persons to improve their quality of life.