Ways of Giving

"My Life" Memoir of a Ukrainian Nationalist

“My Life” is a memoir of Pavlo Pryshyba’s life in Ukraine from 1909, and covers the following facets of his life in the village before and during World War II: education, arrest, hard labor captivity, Holodomor, recruitment to the German army, going to the West for a better life and escaping arrest, life in the displaced persons camps of Germany, and reactions of life in the US. Pryshyba was a Ukrainian Nationalist, and much of what he experienced and his thoughts on government and national unity, closely parallels what is happening in Ukraine today.

Pryshyba’s daughter, Evdokia Trypupenko, published her father’s book in Chernihiv, Ukraine at her own cost. All proceeds from the sale of the book, (over $5,000) have been donated to support UUARC’s humanitarian programs.

Thank you to all who have purchased the book and sincere gratitude to Mrs. Trypupenko! May God Bless you and grant you health and many, many years.

If you would like to purchase this book in Ukrainian, please contact the UUARC office at uuarc@uuarc.org.