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Sviatoslav Karavansky (Помер Святослав Караванский) Estate

Ділимося сумною вісткою, що в суботу 17 грудня 2016 року в лікарні в Бальтіморі МД помер довголітний дисидент Святослав Караванський.


​Пожертви в пам’ять Покійного можна складати на ЗУАДК – похороні кошти, або на  ЗУАДК - українське військо.


Sviatoslav Karavansky, a long time dissident died Saturday, December 17, 2016. Karavansky was imprisoned for political reasons in the Soviet Union from 1945 to 1960 and from 1965 to September 1979.


Donations in Karavansky's memory can be made to UUARC. Please make payments online by clicking here or send a check made payable to "UUARC" to our home office.


UUARC was featured in The Ukrainian Weekly's article "Criticism shifts to Ukraine’s authorities, while Russia’s war in the east continues" when UUARC purchased $140,000 worth of rehabilitation therapy equipment for injured soldiers being treated at three hospitals thanks to a donation by the late Gregory Malinowski. President, Larissa Kyj was presented a thank-you letter by Lt. Col. Yuriy Podolyan on behalf of the Kharkiv Military Hospital. Click here to read the full article.

Gregory Malynowsky

Gregory Malynowsky Estate – One of Ukrainian diaspora's greatest philanthropists, Gregory Malynowsky died on July 29, 2013 in Howell, Michigan, at the age of 93. When Ukraine became independent, Malynowsky recognized the urgent needs of its people and responded generously, supporting schools, orphanages, hospitals, and universities. He helped the disabled by providing wheelchairs and medical equipment.

Realizing that there was a terrible shortage of textbooks in Ukraine, Malynowsky paid for translations and publications of many books into the Ukrainian language. He sponsored students to study abroad and donated money to teach Braille. For school children, he funded an edition of "Bukvaryky," which was sent to Ukraine, Brazil, and Paraguay. 

When disaster struck in Ukraine, he responded immediately to the call of UUARC to help the victims of floods in the Carpathian region. He also helped the 36 miners in the Luhansk region and the families of those who perished in a mine explosion.

Malynowsky helped Ukrainian people not only in Ukraine, but donated generously to Ukrainians in Kazakhstan, Poland, Yugoslavia, Denmark, Rumania, and Brazil.  During his life, Malynowsky exhibited his boundless love of neighbor, but never wanted nor sought any gratitude or publicity for himself. His memory will forever live in the hearts of those he helped.

Malynowsky left his estate to UUARC who is committed to continue his good work.


Sylvia Blake Estate - UUARC, Inc. received a very generous bequest from the Estate of Sylvia Blake. Her Gift, $630,000 in the form of cash and stocks, was left to be used specifically to upgrade 14 children's hospitals throughout Ukraine, including an ambulance for each hospital. What a legacy Ms. Blake leaves behind! How many children will survive and thrive because she thought to provide for their welfare! Her wishes in keeping with her last will and testament, have been followed to the letter. 


William Petrach Estate - The $207,000 bequest from the Estate of William Petrach was used for extensive repairs, both structural and general, to one hospital and 11 schools/internaty for the handicapped and the orphaned. Repairs included roof replacements, heating system overhauls, installation of indoor plumbing, updating of kitchens, renovation of buildings in disrepair, replacement windows, etc. The hospital has even received a new ambulance. In this case, also, the bequest was very specific-and had to be used in the region designated by the donor. In this case, this was in Staryj Dobrotvir and surrounding area in the Lviv oblast.


There are numerous examples of smaller donations:

    $5,000 for a specific orphanage in Bukovyna

    $10,000 to build a chapel in a small village

    $3,500 for the Lviv Soup Kitchen

    $18,000 for an internat/orphanage in Chernivtsi