Ways of Giving

Wills & Estates


Your Legacy Lives Through Your Will and Testament


As we grow older we begin to reflect on our lives and remenisce our achievements. Why not be remembered for having done something generous and kind that truly benefits mankind?  We suggest developing your legacy by working with UUARC. You may personally contribute to equip a clinic, hospital or an orphanage, fund college scholarships for orphaned or abandoned students, support a soup kitchen for many hungry people, or donate to a ptogram of your choice.


Why leave it to UUARC?


Without a will, the assets we have worked a lifetime to accumulate will be distributed by the government according to its rules and regulations. Unfortunately, there have been many cases where, if there were no close descendants, the money reverted to the state. After a lifetime of hard work you deserve the right to decide how your money should be spent. It would be wonderful if you could make a difference in the life of someone who needs your help and will be so grateful for your kindness.


UUARC has helped over 70,000 Ukrainians in their efforts to come to America after WWII. Perhaps your family was one of them. Now is your opportunity to give back and help others. 


All projects can be pre-planned with our office and achievability is assured though consultations with our staff in Ukraine. Our Kyiv office handles projects from Kyiv to Sumy to Luhansk to Odessa, and our Lviv office takes care of all of Western Ukraine.


Any attorney can assist you in making a bequest to benefit the underprivileged and deserving people of Ukraine. If there are any questions, either you or your attorney can contact the UUARC.  We will be happy to meet with you to discuss potential projects and provide any necessary information, including annual reports.