About Us

United Ukrainian American Relief Committee, Inc. (UUARC) was founded in 1944 to help those in need. Since its beginning, UUARC has endeavored to provide aid where the need is the greatest. It provided help to many thousands of refugees who came to the United States after World War II, as well as assisted countless Ukrainians throughout the world.


We are a non-profit organization recognized by the IRS under Article 501(c)3, and registered with USAID.  Therefore, we are able to provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainians in Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Argentina and the U.S.


In addition to our humanitarian aid, education, sustainable land programs abroad, and our immigrant programs here in the U.S., we are often the first to respond to aid victims of  natural disasters such as floods or mine accidents.


Our team is comprised of volunteers who are advocates for all who need help. A little help is beneficial for the recipient and rewarding for the volunteer. We are very happy and fortunate when we find new volunteers who share our commitment to the needy of the world.


Please support us by helping with our work. Do not hesitate to contact us. A helping hand, no matter how small, is always greatly appreciated.  

UUARC is recognized as one America's Best Charities. America’s Best Charities Seal of Excellence is awarded to nonprofit charitable organizations that have been independently reviewed annually and certified to meet the highest standards of public accountability and program effectiveness. Of more than 1 million charities operating in the United States today, fewer than 2,500 have been awarded this Seal.

Злучений Український Американський Допомоговий Комітет (ЗУАДК) — це неприбуткова організація, заснована 1944 року з метою допомагати українцям які були розпорошені по різних країнах після Другої Світової Війни. Від початку свого існування, ЗУАДК намагається доставити допомогу там, де вона найбільше потрібна. Окрім гуманітарної допомоги, освіти, програми сталого землеволодіння за кордоном та іміґраційних програм у США, ЗУАДК є одним з перших, що відгукується на потреби потерпілих від природніх катаклізмів, зокрема наданням харчів, або після аварій, наприклад у копальнях вугілля.